Why students should have a smartphone

None of the students nowadays should be discouraged from using a perfect smartphone. In our present computer age student needs this smartphone too much for a lot of things. Smartphones make things easier for students.

Advantages of smartphones are listed below:

Smartphones reduce the fees paid in school by the student. If the student is good in online registration and transaction, he or she does not need to go to any café before he or she pays institutional fees because going out to cafés increase the amount of fees to be paid by the student.
Students now use their smartphones nowadays to do online jobs such as nairatime, studentnaija and so on.
Smartphones make it easier for some students to capture the voice of a lecturer (voice record) in lecturer room in other for him/her to go and replay at a convenient time for better understanding.
Smartphones are used to obtain a form by students easily
It can also be used as a calculator
It can also be used to set alarm when a student decides to wake up to read or to wake up on time for the day lecture
Smartphones are so useful during the exam period. It can be used as a stopwatch when a student is trying to monitor his/her examination speed.
The above are few of the importance of smartphones but they are necessary.

You should note that things that have it positive often comes with its negative.

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