Productive Things You Can Invest Your Time In As An Undergraduate…

Some things when misused or wasted cannot in anyway be redeemed-non renewable and such is the four letters word,time. Though popular saying has it that time can be redeemed, this,theoritically, is not only incorrect in our experience of time but also practically incorrect; a propose of epileptic erudition. But then, since time is priceless as you would agree with me won’t it be wise to make the best of it in the most important stage of education? Invest those between lectures in something productive, if not immediate in effect should be in years to come?
Outlined below is an encapsulated edit of ways you can make the best of your time without wasting as “big”a second.

1. Diary Keeping:

We all have appropriated, not by coincidence but design equal amount of time; an unprecedented egilitarianism. And If there is anything productive you can use your time for at night it is keeping a Diary of your activities for each day; all encapsulated in a page. It doesn’t only make things more easier and less difficult when writing your autobiography but also makes it faster when compiled since it will cover at least four years of your life.

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2. Writing:

Wether tutorial books, novels,short stories,poem even wise sayings could be productive when compiled and published. Those in between can be used for such purpose instead of being used for chatting away opportunities. You can write a thousand words per day. Calculate it for a year and you have got yourself a 500 pages + novel. You don’t only get to be a great person after having a degree you can be before you do.

3. Tutoring:

Now another thing to invest your time in is doing tutorial. O please….don’t give i am not the brilliant type because guess what? If you are a dullard you won’t be in that university. And perharps you are thinking, damn! i am shy,can’t face a crowd of students well you don’t have to face a crowd your pen can face blank pages and script down the tutorial.

4. Music:

Join a progressive musical group on campus if none exist start one up. You don’t really need to know how to sing you just need to spend those in between learning musical instruments that makes you indispensable. You can opt for dancing or song writing. The thing is being part of it.

Time is money, irredeemable nonetheless managable. Becoming a great person is impossible when the preciousness of time is not acknowledged. Those time you use in watching EPL and UEFA matches can be converted into something beneficial to you,your love ones and your nation. Remember, always make hay when the sun shines.

Source  By HurlStarling

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