How to Memorize(Study) in a Short Time and Pass

A major challenge facing students in school regardless of the level i.e. primary, secondary or tertiary is reading consistently.
This article is not aimed to discourage consistent reading skills but there could be a time when a test in examination will come in a short notice.

What to do?
if you find yourself in a situation described above, there is only one way for it.
Memorizing: most students call it cramming, cramming is the act of storing informations in the brain for a short time.
Example of cramming is reading a chapter of a book for a short time without assimilating but with the aim at passing an asked question.
Do you know memorizing is the beginning of understanding?

Steps to Memorize and Get Full Understanding

OkposiumBlog has conducted several research on this topic and have concluded on some steps to get full understanding when memorizing.
Though, memorizing is not a good practice for students, but there are at times it comes in handy.

1.Dividing the Topic into Similar Aspects: Although a course might seen different because of the bulky notes and topics, but all topics are connected. Find that connection and memorizing it will become easy and understandable.

2.Writing out all Sub-Topics/Points:
another factor that helps in remembrance is writing while memorizing. Whatever you write tends to stick into the brain as whatever you write will come before others.
Lets take “Drug Abuse” as topic for illustration .
The topics can be arranged:
Drug abuse
Causes at drug abuse
Problems at drug abuse
Consequence of drug abuse
Agents controlling drug abuse

3.Getting the centre Idea: the central idea is an important aspect of quick reading and memorizing.
The centre idea for a topic depends on the reader; the idea for Mr. A may differ from that of Mr. B.

How to Get the Centre Idea in Definitions?
An example: Fluid Mechanics is the study of the behavioiur of fluid flow and the forces that cause the flow.
Here the centre idea is flow and forces. This will help in quick memorizing of definitions.
How to Get the Centre Idea for Importance and Differences.
Primary prevention of STD’S
1.Delaying the sexual activity until marriage
2. Practise of abstinence
3.Reducing the number of sexual partners
4.Use of condoms
The centre idea for each could be; delay, abstinence, condom, reduce.

4.Using acronyms : Acronyms are letters arranged to represent words for easier understanding.
An example at acronym is NURTW representing N ational Union of Road Transport Workers.
Lets take consequences of drug abuse for an illustration. Find in our note or textbooks we have death, depression, increase in crime rate, prostitution, drug trafficking.
We can forces an acronym of ‘DIP-DD’’ representing the consequences mentioned above.
Acronyms: helps for listing and examples it is also applicable for uses examples. It is also applicable for uses and importance.
Teaching: the best way of learning is teaching. Teaching others will help in easy remembrance of what was taught.
What if it is too urgent, like a day before the test or examination?
If it is very late, you can teach yourself. Yes, it is possible by reading aloud.

5.Reading Aloud : this method depends on the individual in question. Most people prefer memorizing in silence and it works well for them but others prefer reading out loud. This method also helps in remembering a memorized work.
6.Have a question and answer section: after the end of the following methods, write questions and answer them. This is needed to confirm what you have read.
Using the acronyms or singing method you created try to recall and summarize the work you have finish memorizing and keep repeating as best as possible.

Conclusion: The best method of applicable in remembering a memorized work is using acronyms and songs. But finding the centre idea is also important as it make the acronyms easy to get.

Though this article is not aimed to discourage students from reading early, there could be a situation where this content will be applicable. Use the guides and success will be yours.

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