Free Courses That Will Enhance Your Career.

It’s no longer news that a university education doesn’t guarantee a good career. Many professionals especially motivational speakers have hammered this point for ages. Recently, Mr president corroborated this truth.
These days it’s important you advance your career in the best ways possible especially when everything is going online.
The following courses will help you in your career whether you have one, about to start or don’t have any.

Google Digital Skills Programme
This free course from Google will help you learn about digital marketing. Spread over more than 100 lessons, each takes about four minutes to complete, you will learn a lot about how online marketing work.

Strengthen Your LinkedIn Network & Brand
This free course by Google will help you improve your LinkedIn network. It’s a beginner’s course on LinkedIn that help you maximise your LinkedIn presence.


Oxford Home Study Public Relations Courses
Sooner or later, your company will deal with the public. If you don’t understand PR, it might be a disaster.
This free course can help you brush up on your PR skills.

The Art of Photography
You might think you don’t need photography but photographic skills are neccessary today. You might think it’s nothing until you need to explain something and you present a badly taken photo to your project managers. Some of us have been there.
You don’t need to be a photographer.
This class is free for everyone.

Competitive Strategy
If you are approaching management level, this course is suitable for you. With this course, you will learn how to make decisions that turn situations to your company advantage. It uses Game Theory to explain many of these concepts.

High-Impact Business Writing
Whether you like it or not, you will need to do a writing. You might outsource this to others but knowing basic business writing is an advantage.

These seven courses are not exhaustive but it can help improve your career in every imaginable ways.


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