3 behavior Of Never-do-well Undergraduates You Don’t Want To Have.

I just read a piece written by Bob Priest-Heck where he bluntly opined that “you don’t know what you don’t know unless you listen to diverse voices”. Unfortunately for ‘never-do-well’ undergraduates, they seem to dance to the tunes of digression when it comes to studies, collaborative learning.

You don’t want to be called a never-do-well do you? If you haven’t decided yet, here are habits such students exert to make your decision a little snappy.

They never see anything good in bright counterparts
This set of undergraduates habitually watch out for the bad side of their bright course mates especially the ones that are not ready to assist them during test, examination or even do their take home assignments. They will have to remind you of how low your mentality is and how poorly you dressed and of course how you may likely not make it in the future.

Easily distracted
You can easily point out unsuccessful students when you realize they can be easily distracted. Nothing beats an academic pursuit where you wake up daily, complete what you have planned to accomplish for the day, take rest at night and resume the next day without getting distracted.

A typical academic environment has a lot of social, religious, cultural and academic activities that can easily drift your attention away from your normal routines. But you will do better if you are able to strike a balance than letting the crowd lead you.

Bad critics
Never-do-well undergraduates, as I will call them, often have every reason to doubt and criticize an idea, opinion, or any piece of information that will require intellectual stress or commitment. They easily throw abuses at no-nonsense lecturers who wouldn’t compromise to give them good grades, and most times regret every coming to school.

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