10 Types Of Boy Friends Kept By Babe’s In Higher
Here Are The Different Types Of BoyFriends Kept
By Babes in higher institutions. They are:
1. Academic BoyFriend:
This One Takes Them To Night Classes, Help
Them Do Assignment And They Always Stay
Together During Exams.
2. Financial BoyFriend:
This Guy Is Usually In A Different City ( PH,
Lagos, Warri etc) He Takes Care Of Their House
Rent, School Fees, Text Books, Feeding
3. Asst Financial BoyFriend:
This One Is Always In Imsu And He Takes Care Of
Their Hair, Pedicure, Manicure And Makeup. He
Buys Them Yogurt, Jollof Rice, Pop Corn Or
Shawama After School.
4. Moral BoyFriend:
This One Is The Religious BoyFriend ( Church
Mate ) They Come In The Name Of Advice To Tap
Current From The Babe. They Give Moral
Instructions From The Church Premises To The
Girls Bed.
5. NEPA BoyFriend:
This One Is Neither Cold Nor Hot, He Is Always
called To Come And fix The Bulb And Switch In
The Room Then afterwards He His Given A French
Kiss Plus 360 Degree Hug.
6. Party BoyFriend:
This One Takes Them To Fresher’s Night, Award’s
Night, Orange Groove, 40 40 etc.
7. Security BoyFriend:
This One Help Them Get Back Their Phone When
They Are Being Obtained By Cultist.
8. SwagTutor BoyFriend:
This One Tells Them How To Combine Colurs
While Dressing For School In The Morning.
9. Hostel BoyFriend:
This One They Always HangOut At The Balcony,
At Evening Time. Then She Always Sleeps Over In
Guys Room And They Consume A lot Of Food
From The Girls.
10. Original BoyFriend:
This One Is The Boss. The Babe Visits Him Alot
During Weekend. Cooks For Him, Do House
Chores And They Share Emotional Feelings.
Ceteris Paribus This BoyFriend Is Constant

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